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AR and VR Sneak Peek

Handbuilt's incredible new Mixed Reality technology designed for NASA vehicles and astronauts involved in future Mars landings

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Famous Fossil
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Augmented Reality companies

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Difference between AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) places virtual objects on top of the real world, such as viewing a digital character standing on your desk. With Virtual Reality, the user is fully immersed in a digital environment with no view of the real world.

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Mixed reality

Mixed Reality (MR) is an advanced version of AR, where digital objects don’t just sit on top of the real world; they can interact with it. For instance, if you have an MR headset, a virtual ball could bounce off a real table.


AR and AI

AI glasses are wearable devices that combine VR, mixed reality or augmented reality technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the user's interaction with the real world through overlayed digital info and intelligent assistance via features like voice control and gesture recognition.

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Artificial Reality

Artificial realities are digitally created or enhanced environments that blend in (or replace) the real world using mixed reality, VR or AR technology.


Core XR Services


AR experience concept design
User Interface (UI) design
User Experience (UX) design
Wireframing + Prototyping
3D modelling + Animation
Visual + Interaction design
Spatial computing interface design
AR content creation
Usability testing
Branding + Visual identity


AR smart glasses + XR headset apps
AR AI real-time spatial mapping
Dynamic pixel streaming
WebAR (Web augmented reality)
Requirements + Software architecture
AR technology + OpenXR SDK integration
Scene + Object recognition
Computer Vision implementation
Real-time XR data processing
Backend server + Database development


User behaviour analytics
Performance monitoring
Crash reporting + Analysis
Usage metrics collection
Custom event tracking
A/B testing + Quality assurance
Real-time data dashboards
User feedback integration
Technical support + Troubleshooting
SLAs + Retainers


XR skills

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Knowing what's possible is half the battle when designing an XR product, and with current XR, use cases are more advanced and innovative than one might expect.

AR use cases
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mixed reality

We seamlessly blend physical and digital worlds to provide interactive and immersive experiences that are memorable and highly likely to go viral.

Mixed Reality
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We've developed apps for some of the world most recognisable brands, paying close attention to software architecture, cyber security and UX design.

AR development
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spatial computing

Our advanced applications leverage 3D space and context-aware interactions, transforming user experiences into hugely memorable moments that kickstart viral sharing.

Spatial Computing
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xr / Extended reality

XR = AR + VR + mixed reality.
It's a collective term for next-gen technologies that offer highly immersive experiences which offer value unachievable with other technologies.

Extended Reality / XR
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dynamic AR experience

3D information can be streamed into an XR app at run-time - effectively allowing content to be far larger or more detailed, resulting in a much more memorable and effective experience.

AR experience
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Web AR

We deploy immersive augmented reality experiences directly through web browsers, enhancing user engagement without the user downloading an app .

WEB augmented reality
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AR technology

Find out the technologies behind AR, VR and mixed reality, and learn about the upcoming technology advances that will offer far more compelling experiences.

AR technology
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XR glasses

Learn about the features and technology built into XR headsets and devices that delivers the functionality to open up new enthralling opportunities.

AR smart glasses
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large scale ar

We specialise in AR developments of vast size, with the largest explorable mixed reality environment being a massive 900km2 - perfect for users to experience commercial developments in design phase

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geo-persistant Ar + AR terrain mapping

Providing stunning accuracy, we can map  any area of the planet to provide your users with a unique planetary-sized digital twin and way-finding experience.

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animaTED characters 

This is the grand-daddy of all XR!
From a wide range of animals through to animated, photorealistic humans, our team can create AI powered 'live' characters that can interact with your users!

"'s been the star of the show, and it's clear our visitors agree - with over 40,000 people in just 7 weeks trying the AR experience Handbuilt conceived and developed..."

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