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We're an XR digital agency
MR / VR / AR ideation + software development
Mixed / Augmented Reality consultancy
Industry-defining photorealism
User Experience (UX) design core
Place-based activation
Advanced brand engagement
Enterprise grade ROI
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Selected Clients

Telstra Ernst & YoungNSW GovernmentTAS governmentProperty Council of AustraliaAustralian Institute of ArchitectsACT GovernmentAustralian ArmyWestpac Rescue HelicoptersPricewaterhouse Coopers

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See how Handbuilt immortalised one of the world's
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Famous Fossil
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Core XR offerings

AR + MR that activates place + brand

We specialise in bespoke, photorealistic Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (collectively referred to as XR) digital creations with deep roots in user-experience (UX) design to highly engage the end-user to encourage real-world exploration and brand advocation.


XR specialities

Icon of map with drop pin

geo-persistant Ar

Using GPS data, the end-user must visit the exact location you want in order to experience the AR. Perfect for changing visitor behaviour.

Icon of 3D cube

animated ar + special FX

Bring your AR to life with advanced, ultra-realistic animated movement such as complex human and other organic-style motions.

Icon of finger clicking screen


Allow end-users to interact with various 3D objects in stunning AR to transmit your desired brand message or product information.

Icon of CBD buildings

large scale ar

Yep, we can make AR experiences the size of buildings. Literally. Perfect for users to experience commercial developments in their concept phase.

Icon of 3D picture frame

ar video walls

You need big TVs minus the expense, vandalism, maintenance, cables, power? No problem. You choose the size, location and we 'hang' them in AR.

Icon of animal footprint

animals + characters 

This is the grand-daddy of all XR! From a wide range of animals through to advanced, animated real-time humans, we've got you covered.

Icon of internal doorway

alternate realities

Hybridised AR + VR. With this AR we can allow users to walk through a 'portal' door in real life, and subsequently explore an alternate reality built in 3D.

Icon of 3D mountain

terrain + mapping ar

Providing stunning accuracy, we can map almost any area of the planet topographically to provide your users with a unique way-finding experience.

Icon of cloud download

dynamic XR content

Information is streamed into an XR experience at run-time - effectively allowing content to change based on user input or interactions.

"...it's been the star of the show, and it's clear our visitors agree - with over 40,000 people in just 7 weeks trying the AR experience Handbuilt conceived and developed..."

Handbuilt's Senior Team

David Shering - FOUNDER + CD
Tim - HEAD OF 3D

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