Finally, AR that feels real...

Photorealistic, UX-centric augmented reality that activates place or brands

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UX-centric Augmented Reality
Industry-defining photorealistic AR
User Experience (UX) design core
Drives place-based activation
Builds advanced brand engagement
Enterprise grade ROI
Deploy on our unique AR platform, or via a standalone app
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Get face-to-face with one of the planet's most unusual creatures with some WIP.
Just watch where you step!

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Core AR offerings

AR that activates place + brands

We specialise in bespoke, photorealistic Augmented Reality (AR) digital creations with deep roots in user-experience (UX) design - which grabs the attention of the end-user to encourage real-world exploration, build brands and grow business.
So AR, meet UX. You guys rock.

Figaro | Webflow Template
Prototype geo-persistent AR platform
Figaro | Webflow Template
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Unannounced, secret AI + AR product


AR specialities

Figaro | Webflow Template

geo-persistant Ar

Using GPS data, the end-user must visit the exact location you want in order to experience the AR. Perfect for changing visitor behaviour.

Figaro | Webflow Template

animated ar + special FX

Bring your AR to life with advanced, ultra-realistic animated movement such as complex human and other organic-style motions.

Figaro | Webflow Template


Like a scene from Minority Report, our technical team allow end-users to interact with various objects in AR to reveal the info you want.

Figaro | Webflow Template

large scale ar

Yep, we can make AR experiences the size of buildings. Literally. Perfect for users to experience commercial developments in their concept phase.

Figaro | Webflow Template

ar video / photo walls

You need big TVs minus the expense, vandalism, maintenance, cables, power? No problem. You choose the size, location and we 'hang' them in AR.

Figaro | Webflow Template

animals + characters 

This is the grand-daddy of all AR! From a wide range of animals through to advanced, animated real-time humans, we've got you covered.

Figaro | Webflow Template

alternate realities

Hybridised AR + VR. With this AR we can allow users to walk through a 'portal' door in real life, and subsequently explore an alternate reality built in 3D.

Figaro | Webflow Template

terrain + mapping ar

Providing stunning accuracy, we can map almost any area of the planet topographically to provide your users with a unique way-finding experience.

Figaro | Webflow Template

dynamic AR content

Information is streamed into an AR experience at run-time - effectively allowing content to change based on user input or interactions.

"'s been the star of the show, and it's clear our visitors agree - with over 40,000 people in just 7 weeks trying the AR experience Handbuilt conceived and developed..."

Selected Clients

Telstra Ernst & YoungNSW governmentProperty Council of AustraliaAustralian Institute of Architects

The Handbuilt team

David Shering - FOUNDER + CD
Tim - HEAD OF 3D
Nick - UX  LEAD
Cindy - P.A + ADMIN

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