Education and Training

  • Virtual Classrooms
    Immersive learning environments for students
  • Medical Training
    Simulated surgeries and anatomy explorations for medical students
  • Employee Onboarding
    Virtual tours and interactive training modules for new hires
  • Skill Development
    Hands-on training for complex machinery or software
  • Safety Training
    Simulated hazardous scenarios for industrial safety training


  • Remote Consultations
    Doctors can use AR for real-time, remote patient consultations
  • Surgical Assistance
    MR for overlaying digital information on patients during surgery
  • Rehabilitation
    VR environments for physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises
  • Mental Health
    VR therapy for PTSD, phobias, and anxiety disorders
  • Patient Education
    AR to explain medical procedures and conditions to patients

AR Retail and AR Ecommerce

  • Virtual Try-Ons
    AR for trying clothes, accessories, or makeup virtually
  • In-Store Navigation
    AR to guide customers to products within a store
  • Product Visualisation
    Viewing furniture or home decor in your own space using AR
  • Interactive Packaging
    AR-enabled product packaging for enhanced information
  • Virtual Stores
    Entire stores in VR for an immersive shopping experience

Architecture, Property and Real Estate  

  • Construction Planning
    MR for visualizing building plans on-site
  • Interior Design
    AR to visualize furniture and decor in real spaces
  • Urban Planning
    MR simulations for city planning and public consultations
  • Maintenance and Repairs
    AR for guiding technicians through complex repairs
  • Virtual Property Tours
    VR for exploring properties without physical visits

Entertainment and Media

  • Gaming
    Immersive VR games and AR-enhanced gameplay experiences
  • Live Events
    AR for enhanced live concert or sports event experiences
  • Virtual Tourism
    Explore distant places and historical sites in VR
  • Interactive Storytelling
    VR and AR for immersive storytelling experiences
  • Themed Attractions
    MR for interactive theme park rides and exhibits

Business and Collaboration

  • Virtual Meetings
    VR spaces for business meetings and conferences
  • Remote Collaboration
    MR for working on projects with remote teams
  • Product Design
    VR for collaborative product design and prototyping
  • Data Visualisation
    AR for interactive and dynamic data presentations
  • Showrooms
    Virtual showrooms for displaying products to potential clients

Manufacturing and Industry

  • Factory Training
    VR simulations for training workers on factory floor procedures
  • Remote Assistance
    AR for real-time remote support in industrial settings
  • Quality Control
    AR for overlaying digital instructions and checks on production lines
  • Prototyping
    MR for visualizing and testing product prototypes
  • Warehouse Management
    AR for efficient inventory management and navigation

Marketing and Advertising

  • Interactive Ads
    AR for engaging and interactive advertising experiences
  • Brand Activations
    VR experiences at events to promote brands
  • Virtual Product Launches
    Hosting product launches in VR
  • Customer Engagement
    AR apps to enhance customer interaction with brands
  • Event Marketing
    AR for enhanced engagement at trade shows and exhibitions
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Education and Training

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
    VR for reconstructing crime scenes for forensic analysis and court presentations
  • Archaeological Digs
    VR to simulate archaeological excavations and reconstruct ancient sites
  • Historical Reenactments
    AR to bring historical reenactments to life with interactive elements
  • Emergency Preparedness
    VR simulations for natural disaster and emergency response training
  • Wildlife Conservation
    AR for tracking and studying endangered species in their natural habitats
  • Culinary Education
    VR for immersive cooking classes with world-renowned chefs
  • Interactive Children’s Books
    AR to bring children’s stories to life with animations and interactive elements
  • Personalized Learning Environments
    VR to create customized and adaptive learning environments for students
  • Interactive Museum Exhibits
    AR for bringing museum exhibits to life with interactive and educational content

Arts and Culture

  • Cultural Heritage Preservation
    AR to preserve and showcase intangible cultural heritage, such as dance and rituals
  • Art Restoration
    AR to visualize and guide the restoration process of damaged artworks
  • Virtual Choirs and Bands
    VR for creating virtual choirs and bands that can perform together remotely
  • Virtual Fashion Shows
    Virtual fashion shows in VR, allowing designers to showcase their collections globally

Business and Enterprise

  • Food Origin Tracking
    AR to trace the origin and journey of food products from farm to table
  • Virtual Farming
    Use AR to monitor crop health, manage irrigation, and track growth in real-time
  • Space simulation
    VR simulations for training astronauts and exploring planetary environments
  • Smart Cities
    AR to visualise smart city infrastructure and urban planning projects
  • Augmented Workspaces
    MR for creating immersive and collaborative work environments
  • Holographic Telepresence
    MR for life-sized, holographic teleconferencing, making remote meetings feel like face-to-face interactions
  • Political Campaigns
    AR for interactive political campaign materials and voter engagement

Retail and Marketing

  • Smart Mirrors
    AR mirrors in retail that suggest outfits and accessories based on user preferences
  • Interior Design Feedback
    AR to visualize and receive feedback on interior design choices from remote experts
  • Interactive Movie Experiences
    AR to create interactive and immersive movie-watching experiences
  • Tattoo Try-Ons
    AR to visualize tattoos on your skin before getting inked

Travel and Tourism

  • Time Travel Experiences
    VR for immersive experiences that simulate different historical periods
  • Eco-Tourism
    VR for virtual eco-tourism experiences that promote environmental awareness and conservation
  • Space Tourism
    VR for immersive experiences of space travel and extraterrestrial exploration
  • Virtual Marathons
    VR to participate in marathons and races from anywhere in the world
  • Ghost Tours
    AR to overlay historical data and ghost sightings during paranormal investigations

Healthcare and Wellness

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
    VR environments designed to facilitate meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Fitness Challenges
    AR for interactive fitness challenges in real-world environments
  • Pet Training
    AR to guide pet owners through training exercises and monitor pet behaviour.
  • Dream Analysis
    VR environments for exploring and interpreting dreams in a controlled setting

Entertainment and Leisure

  • Fantasy Sports
    AR for immersive fantasy sports experiences with real-time data overlays
  • Virtual Pet Companions
    AR to create interactive, virtual pets that users can care for and play with
  • Escape Rooms
    AR-enhanced escape room experiences with interactive puzzles and challenges
  • Virtual Dating
    VR for immersive and interactive virtual dating experiences
  • Astrology and Star Gazing
    AR for identifying stars, constellations, and celestial events in the night sky


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Handbuilt (VIC)

Based centrally in Melbourne's CBD for easy access

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Only a few minutes from Sydney's Central Station

Handbuilt (TAS)

We still have a presence in this idyllic historic area