At Handbuilt, we transform everyday interactions into extraordinary experiences.

Augmented Reality (AR) is more than just a buzzword—it's a powerful tool that brings digital content to life in the real world.

Let's dive into how AR experiences, enabled by cutting-edge technologies (such as pixel streaming) are changing the game.

What is an AR Experience?

At its core, an augmented reality experience enhances your real-world environment with interactive digital elements.

Imagine seeing digital artwork come alive on your living room wall or navigating a new city with virtual guides leading the way.

AR seamlessly integrates the digital and physical worlds, making interactions more engaging and immersive.

How Pixel Streaming is Revolutionising AR experiences

Pixel streaming takes AR to the next level by enabling high-quality, real-time graphics to be streamed directly to your device.

This means no more worrying about your phone or headset's hardware limitations—pixel streaming delivers stunning visuals and smooth performance, regardless of the device you’re using.

Think of it as having a high-powered graphics engine in your pocket, ready to render the most complex AR experiences effortlessly.

Use Cases

Here are some unique ways AR and pixel streaming can be combined to create highly memorable, immersive experiences:


Enhanced Data Visualisation

AR transforms how enterprises interact with data. Managers can use AR to visualize complex data sets in a more intuitive and interactive way. Pixel streaming allows for high-resolution, dynamic data visualizations that can be manipulated in real-time, enabling better insights and more effective decision-making.


Training and Simulation

Enterprises can leverage AR for immersive training and simulation experiences. Employees can engage in realistic, interactive training scenarios without the need for expensive equipment or travel. Pixel streaming ensures these simulations are graphically rich and responsive, providing a high-quality training environment that improves skill retention and performance.


Supply Chain Visualisation

Managing complex supply chains becomes much more intuitive with AR. Enterprises can use AR to visualize supply chain processes in real-time, identifying bottlenecks, tracking shipments, and optimizing routes. Pixel streaming provides high-resolution, real-time data overlays, helping managers make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.


Space Exploration Simulations

Experience space exploration without leaving Earth.
AR can take you on virtual journeys through the solar system, landing you on distant planets or moons. Pixel streaming ensures these experiences are visually stunning and scientifically accurate, providing an educational and awe-inspiring look at our universe.


Animal Behavior Studies

Get up close and personal with wildlife through AR. Study animal behavior in their natural habitats without disturbing them. Pixel streaming delivers detailed, real-time visuals of animals (the most complex 3D objects to create), allowing you to observe and learn from their interactions and behaviors in a way that's both engaging and respectful to the environment.


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